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Woman using Stick Mobility Woman using Stick Mobility
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Palos de entrenamiento individuales
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Paquetes de palos de entrenamiento
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The Training Stick Allows You To Achieve Positions & Ranges You Wouldn’t Normally Be Able To Reach. It’s Been The Missing Link To My Own Personal Mobility Training
Joe DeFranco - Verified Buyer
The mobility sticks were introduced to me by my physical therapist. I’ve been using them daily for rehab and to grow stronger. The exercises really encourage a smooth full range of motion. Feeling stronger. Thank you!
Kim Potvin - Verified Buyer
I gave up yoga after 3 months. I’m a 79-year-old man with stability and flexibility problems. With the aid of the 3 sticks, I’m confident I’ll be able to do Stick Mobility exercises to solve the problems.
Tetsuo Doi - Verified Buyer
Stick Mobility has been my secret to keeping my body “golf” ready and has helped keep my distance as I get older. The new Golf Feels for Power is such a game changer, you feel what a powerful swing is through the sticks and body.
Edison - Verified Buyer
Wow! Working with the Stick Mobility sticks and videos has given me more flexibility, mobility, and strength than any other stretching program I have tried in the past.
Nadine Urwin - Verified Buyer
I had a tender shoulder from an old football injury that would nag me from time to time. But the workouts with the mobility stick did the trick.
Erik Peterson - Verified Buyer
Incorporating Stick Mobility routines has not only helped me to work out some long-term imbalances and resulting tightness from long-distance trail running, but made me a better athlete. Flexibility and strength gains are noticeable in just the first two months. And it just feels goood!
Paul King - Verified Buyer
Love my mobility stick. I begin all weightlifting sessions warming up with mine.
Laura Woodberry - Verified Buyer
My chiropractor recommended these sticks to me as a way to be more mobile throughout the day since I work at a desk job and I am in LOVE!
Margo - Verified Buyer
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