Stick Mobility Training Sticks come with a 12-month Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects for sticks purchased from from date of purchase. We will replace any Training Stick found to contain a manufacturer defect after inspection and will cover replacement shipping charges.

Email to start your warranty claim process.

For sticks not purchased through, please contact the seller directly to process warranty claims.


Sticks that have been modified in any way are not eligible for warranty.

Sticks that have been damaged or broken due to over-bending, misuse or neglect are not eligible for warranty. 

Please refer to our Stick Care Guidelines below for proper usage and storing instructions.


We recommend you do not expose your Mobility Sticks to prolonged extreme temperatures as this may compromise the structural integrity of the sticks.

Do not leave your Mobility Sticks inside your vehicle in hot temperatures as this can cause unwanted bending of the sticks.

Store your sticks either upright or if horizontal support the stick at each end and in the middle to avoid potential bending over time.

When in use we recommend spinning the stick after each rep so you don’t always bend the stick in the same direction.

One objective with Stick Mobility exercises is to create tension by flexing the stick. Although rare, excessive over flexion of the stick can result in stick damage. Excessive over flexion is not part of the training exercises and not required to achieve the benefits of the system.

Please watch our Stick Care Videos and always follow the flexion examples from our training videos and/or the guidance of a certified Stick Mobility instructor.