Unleashing the Power of Stick Mobility: Highlights from IDEA World 2023

Unleashing the Power of Stick Mobility: Highlights from IDEA World 2023

The Stick Mobility Team In Full Force:

The Stick Mobility team had an incredible presence at IDEA World 2023, leaving a lasting impact on attendees throughout the event.

The IDEA World Convention has been running for 40+ years! It’s been a staple event for fitness professionals and one of the largest in North America.

We successfully conducted three educational sessions: "Movement Made Better," "Rotational Power," and "Enhancing Single Leg Resilience." The turnout for each session was outstanding, with a large number of enthusiastic attendees present. Interestingly, a common theme emerged from the feedback we received. While many participants were already familiar with the benefits of Training Sticks for mobility, they were amazed by their newfound application in isometrics and strength training. It was a revelation for them to discover the versatility of the modality, using Training Sticks to assume various positions and apply force through pushing and pulling. We also explored using the ground and walls to add pressure, as well as using the Training Sticks themselves as resistance tools. To add an element of fun and challenge, we introduced dynamic resistance training that involved partnering up, resulting in moments of laughter as individuals adjusted to each other's forces, occasionally leading to temporary balance challenges.

In addition to our educational sessions, we had the pleasure of interacting with hundreds of attendees at our booth, #806. We provided engaging demonstrations to personal trainers, group instructors, mind-body professionals, and coaches from around the world. Many of these professionals had also attended our sessions and expressed a keen interest in delving deeper into our products and educational offerings. On the other hand, we also had the opportunity to introduce Stick Mobility to individuals who were encountering it for the first time, and their excitement was palpable. One attendee, in particular, shared that we were the highlight of her visit. Having traveled all the way from a small town in Utah to attend the event in LA, she described Stick Mobility as the most intriguing and innovative product at the trade show.

We were truly honored to participate in the Spartan Race/DEKA challenge powered by Lionel University. While the participants were not IDEA World attendees per se, they were athletes seeking products to help them prepare for and recover from their competition heats. Our demonstrations utilizing Stick Mobility Training Sticks proved immensely beneficial to these athletes and their training needs.

A special shoutout to the outstanding members of the Stick Mobility team: Dennis, Neal, Brian, Eric, Lisa Marie, Jaimie, Chad, Morgan, and Gabby! Your dedication and hard work contributed to our success at the event.

Strength In Numbers:

This event served as an exceptional opportunity to educate and inspire the fitness community. It was equally rewarding to connect with other brands in the industry: TRX, Naboso, NASM, Balanced Body, BeaverFit, ISSA, and Xponential Fitness; to name a few. The fitness community comprises a network of dedicated and passionate individuals who genuinely care about helping others. It is crucial for us to socialize, foster deeper relationships, and actively seek partnerships. By uniting our efforts, we can create a ripple effect on a global scale, making a significant impact.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to IDEA World for organizing and executing the event. We would also like to express our gratitude to all the presenters who generously shared their experiences and knowledge with the industry, the sponsors who consistently innovate and create wellness opportunities, and, of course, to all the attendees who eagerly absorbed what they learned and are actively sharing it with others.

Kudos to everyone involved in making IDEA World 2023 an unforgettable and transformative experience!