Strong, Smart Holiday Travel: Fitness Strategies on the Go

Strong, Smart Holiday Travel: Fitness Strategies on the Go

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The holidays bring with them not just the joy of the season, but also a fair amount of stress. When travel becomes part of the equation, stress levels tend to spike. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, it's possible to maintain a smart fitness routine during holiday travels to keep both your physical and mental well-being on track.

Prioritizing Fitness: Your Blueprint for Success

In an ideal world, wellness, health and fitness aren't just temporary endeavors, but integral parts of our lifestyle. Yet, keeping up with a fitness regimen during travels can be challenging. But fear not, with a realistic approach and some strategic planning, it's absolutely feasible and beneficial to squeeze in fitness sessions amidst the holiday chaos.

The Strategy: Making Fitness Attainable 

To seamlessly integrate fitness into your travel plans, you must strategize. Consider the flow of each day, and find pockets of time where a short workout might fit in. Get creative! Whether it's stretching at the airport terminal or sneaking in a quick session before the day's festivities kick off, every bit counts. It would be nice to maintain an existing program; however, when trying to juggle all of the holiday yoga balls, it’s understandable if typical activity isn't at par.

Planning ahead is key. If your mornings offer some free time, set that alarm a tad earlier and seize the opportunity for a workout before the holiday buzz takes over.

Find a partner to make you accountable. If possible, make a commitment to someone else who will help hold you responsible for fitting in a session. This not only adds a layer of structure, it can also increase the fun and challenge factors. You can push and support one another while having fun along the way.

Gear Up Right: Pack for Success

What's the weather forecast for your destination? Packing appropriate workout gear, such as breathable clothes and suitable shoes, is crucial. Keep it simple, and make sure you have your favorite attire to cover the bases. It’s much easier to cop out on a session if you’re missing a key piece of clothing. Be prepared – no excuses.

Travelling by car or flying? Factor in your mode of transport when deciding what fitness equipment to pack. Resistance bands are compact and versatile, making them a great addition to your travel essentials no matter how you’re getting there. They are a great "must-pack" items for planes, trains, and automobiles. Check out this link for some sample exercises you can do with them.

If driving, consider bringing tools like Stick Mobility Training Sticks. They are strong and flexible sticks; a simple way to create tension, leverage, body awareness, and stability that is safe for everyone. They offer a dual advantage by aiding in both mobility and strength training. With limited time available, efficiency is key. These sticks help intensify your workout, ensuring quality efforts and efficient use of your time.

You can squeeze in a great 15-20 minute full body program with these three movements:

Here are some other Stick Mobility programs to accommodate different needs and durations. 

Stick Mobility has a complementary product that is great for travel. It’s small, light and compact. This multi-purpose training tool is a slide and balance trainer all in one and has been designed to be used with the Stick Mobility Training Stick or as a stand-alone training tool so you can get more out of your workouts. 

The TriSlider has 3 main configurations: 

  • Slider with Balance Disc
  • Slider without Balance Disc
  • Balance Disc with Slider

Check out some movements here.

Another space-saving, yet effective item to pack? A couple of lacrosse or tennis balls. Use them to ease the tension from long hours of sitting—roll out your hips, glutes, or the soles of your feet. For added utility, bundle two balls in a sock to create a makeshift foam roller, perfect for relieving knots in your back.

Hydration: The Vital Fuel for Travel Fitness

Don’t overlook the importance of staying hydrated. Flying tends to dehydrate the body due to low cabin humidity. Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after your flight to fend off headaches, fatigue, and dry skin. Water is your best travel companion—don’t leave home without it!

Conclusion: Your Fitness Journey Amidst the Festivities

Admittedly, the holiday season often sidelines our fitness plans, and that's alright. However, with a solid plan, a commitment to prioritizing fitness, and the right gear in your travel arsenal, you increase the chances of maintaining a semblance of your fitness routine. Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it. The benefits of fitness are of cardinal importance. We can all be extra grateful for them during the extra stressors while traveling during the holidays. It’s important to take care of your physical and mental health. Safe travels and best of luck with your smart and strong holiday fitness plan!