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Stick Mobility - No, It's Not Just PVC

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The founders of Stick Mobility have been using a variety of objects to help with mobility training for many years. In their combined decades in the industry, sticks of various types were often incorporated into training.

Nearly a decade ago, the stick training began to pick up as people felt the benefits of improved movement. However, the Stick Mobility founders were frustrated with the fact that all of the options for sticks in mobility training were extremely limited in their capabilities.

They experimented with a variety of tools. Wooden dowels, broomsticks, plumbers pipe - yes, PVC pipe, too - are some of the objects they utilized in an effort to help people feel the benefits of mobility training with sticks.

At this point, the founders of Stick Mobility decided to create a better stick for the people attending their classes, one that was flexible and durable. They also realized that sticks of varying length work better for different people and different exercises.

One thing led to another, and this morphed into Stick Mobility. There have been a few tweaks of the original stick, but the mission and the principles remain the same: help people to use the Training Sticks to move better.

What Sets Stick Mobility Training Sticks Apart?

In the process of figuring out a better alternative to cheap, household objects, the founders of Stick Mobility developed a special formula to make these sticks better. The formula of our Training Sticks is meant to hold up with daily use. They are designed to withstand heavy use in professional settings.

Ray Bailey stick mobility bow and arrow stretch in gym

The finished product is one that, when used correctly, is durable enough to last for years. In fact, some of the sticks at the Stick Mobility Training Center are from our initial run of training sticks, first sold in 2016. They are used daily with trainers and clients and remain as effective and durable as the day they were made. We have never had a stick break at the Stick Mobility Training Center.

The exact formula of our Training Sticks is proprietary to Stick Mobility. The material is in the same family as PVC. However, by adjusting the ratios of the synthetic polymers and other components, our founders were able to customize the blend to ensure a product that is strong, durable and maintains its true form. 

Varying ratios were tested to find the best combination for the exercises and drills for which it would be used. Ultimately, the right measure of durability for training was achieved, while maintaining the flexibility needed to be a thoroughly useful mobility stick.

Other Sticks

Typical PVC pipe used for mobility training is not dependable. It tends to warp easily. With just a few bends, it doesn’t return to a straight form. One has to be careful putting weight into regular PVC pipe, as it cannot support as much as the Stick Mobility Training Sticks. 

Plumbers pipe is another tool people often use for mobility. It comes in a variety of forms and is generally sturdier than PVC. The downside of these options is that flex can be limited, and it can shatter unexpectedly when bending. When depending on a stick to remain in position, the potential that it gives out and fails is not what you want.

man outside stretching with broomstick

Wooden dowels and broomsticks are other popular tools for mobility training and yoga. There are some exercises where a dowel is adequate. However, it is a rigid object and does not bend. Without flexibility in the stick, these are significantly limited in the drills and exercises you can perform (not to mention, lacking the benefits of training with a strong, flexible stick).

The flexibility of our Training Sticks allows for more opportunities to incorporate strength training into the mix. It helps you to stretch deeper and create greater leverage in your movements. The durability of Stick Mobility is one that can last a lifetime when used properly. The bottom line is that our Training Sticks are more dependable than PVC pipe and more versatile than wooden dowels and broomsticks.

Stick Mobility Grips

Do not underestimate the value of a quality grip. Many athletes can attest to this, from golfers to baseball players.

A good grip on the end of a mobility stick is important for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, safety is key when training. A grip that doesn’t slip and slide all over the place provides a better base for effective training and, naturally, is safer to use.

Stick Mobility training grips close up

The grips on Stick Mobility Training Sticks are custom-made silicone. They are made specifically for Stick Mobility to be used in mobility training for balance, strength, flexibility, stability and more.


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Stick Mobility Training

The real value and importance of our Training Sticks comes when combining these sticks with our training. The Stick Mobility Training System is designed to help you improve your movement. Utilizing these specially-designed Training Sticks with our instruction can help with a wide range of goals, whether that is mobility in a single joint, improving athletic performance or better daily movement in general.

We spend a considerable amount of time creating exercises with the sticks and continue to develop new drills and workouts for our customers. We share these on our social media channels and YouTube to help our fantastic base of supporters.

As we strive to teach and share the benefits of increased mobility and the scientific principles that drive our training program,  we are dedicated to providing a continuously expanding level of quality education for our community. The purchase of training sticks is just the beginning of the value.


Our Training Sticks are simple in origin but unique in production. Made in the USA, they are designed for mobility training - not sweeping the floor, to transport wastewater or as a random piece of wood.

Part of the value of our Training Sticks is that they give you access to our full training and education system, which is designed to help people move better by optimizing their mobility, stability and strength.

Stick Mobility Training class

The system utilizes the Mobility Stick to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination and body awareness to build a strong foundation for enhanced movement. This leads to increased athletic/physical performance, reduced risk of injury and faster recovery after exercise.

There are exercises that don’t require the extra strength and flexibility of our Training Sticks. We encourage anyone who wants to improve their mobility to grab anything that works for them and start moving. Stick Mobility does all that and more, helping you own your movement.