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Training Sticks
Kevin Edgerton
Stick Mobility

Great product that I use almost everyday in my training. Highly recommend this product no other sticks in the market comes close to the durability and flexibility.

Stick bundle review

When I first saw this product I thought that these sticks were a waste of money. I worked in sports med and performance enhancement for decades, was a serious martial artist most of my life, and knew of many ways to improve mobility, flexibility and functional strength. I spoke to another professional that uses them and he told he loves them. I FINALLY decided to try them. I can say, after only scratching the surface of the amount of possible movements, that I wish I would have purchased them years ago. They are more than PVC pipes. They definitely make a difference and are improving my flexibility, balance and movement. Mobility Sticks are tool that Licensed Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches, personal trainers, martial artists and fitness enthusiasts should have in their tool box.

Love it

Training Sticks
Virginia Palmer
They are fantastic.

I really like training stick. It is gradually helping me with my balance.

Amazing Tool

I'm just getting started with the sticks and I already love them!

Very happy customer

I love these mobility sticks, I am learning new ways to get more flexible and I am loving these! Customer service is absolutely awesome, they helped me so much!

function and fitness

As an older person, I am definitely doing what I can to maintain my fitness. I am aware that I have reduced flexibility, and compromised balance. Overall, I feel my stamina and strength are still strong. The Training Sticks provide the support I need to at a minimum maintain my flexibility and balance, and with time increase my flexibility and improve my balance.
I wish there were more 30-minute YouTube videos to choose from.

Training Sticks
Kuya Hiroko
Regarding your product review

The response after ordering was very fast and very responsive.

Training Stick Bundles
Ethyanne Andres

I haven’t been able to get into the free class that was offered so I am not familiar enough with the sticks to give my opinion yet.

Training Stick Bundles
Nicholas Benassutti

Training Stick Bundles

Awesome tool!

Racket Sports

I liked the course concepts but was not interested in the add on equipment, Viper products

Good stretch . Took me a minute to figure it out but now I can stretch out my back every morning with ease

Training Stick Bundles
Michael Mccarthy

This has helped me and my clients greatly with increased flexibility and mobility. It is a staple in my routine and I'm showing this to all my clients

It’s awesome

Training Stick Bundles
Dr. Kyle P. Radtke, PT, DPT
Stick Mobility

I love using the stick mobility for our Clinic at RECHARGE Health & Wellness in San Antonio. As a Physical therapist I realize the importance of movement and flexibility and this has been a bit hit with my clients!

Heavy Duty Individual Training Sticks

Very diverse in its ability to stretch and strengthen your body. If you have a physical job , worth every penny.

Heavy Duty Individual Training Sticks

Great bag

Now I can take them with me when I car travel…just what I was looking for

Training Sticks
Joshua Greenberg

It’s great. Send me best videos for
Training to email

Game changer

As a CPT/RN/Nutrition coach through NASM, realizing Mobility is key to health and wellness and a needed addition to everyone’s exercise plan. Would love to have access to additional exercises

Worth the $ very helpful with my flexibility


Great way to carry sticks/equipment and feels like it’ll be able to do so for a while. Time will tell on the second part.

Training Stick Bundles
Brian Bradshaw

Great product exellent vidieo instructions